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October 20, 2005


John Satory

The issue is the quality control of the frame manufacturer and not the seatpost. It's spec'd for a 31.8 seatpost. The post the was sent with the bike was 31.8 (I double checked with my digital calipers) but it still didn't fit. I also tried another 31.8 seatpost and it didn't fit either. It was the aluminum insert that they installed in the seat tube that was not round (had high spots) and will probably be the cause of some type of frame noise in the future.


I understand the arguement that the Rogue Mechanic is making
it is not a technical statement about equipment
it is a question about quaility control
not what size seatpost fits into that seat tube
it is the fact that they sent a seat post that did not fit


Well...if time = money,
And money in this case = $3800.
Let's say 1 dollar : 1 minute, then you need to spend 3800 minutes making the seatpost fit.
And, apparently it's very difficult for those rat bastards to check their frames!

John Satory

There you go again divine gear with your philosophy BS... :) It's a well known fact that Archimedes once said "It's an issue of ID and OD grasshopper..."

divine gear

rogue, you fool. why would a 31.6 seatpost fit in a 31.6 seat tube? don't you see the logic? they are the same size. it's obvious that you need a 31.5 seatpost. that would fit in a 31.6 hole. god. i thought you were good at this...

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