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October 18, 2005



I would have gone for quantity...

beer is an acquired taste
while drunk is an experience

a random thought
while I was hiking with my dogs in the woods tonight my mind wander
I thought about the musical, HAIR
which is funny... since I have none
any way
there are some beautiful songs and some interesting messages in that musical

glad that these guys were able to come back
glad that your friend was able to keep his promise
most certainly many soldiers have promised their wife, their children, their lover, their parents, and their friends that they are coming back
and sadly
they do not always get to keep their promise

I respect those that server our country
will leave it at that

have a good night
hope your friend enjoyed his beer
I bet it tasted great
hope you shared a smile and laugh too


Thanks John and Chris. Excellent choice of venue - way to break me in.


How many substandard beers would 5 good beers equal?

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