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November 04, 2005


divine gear

give into your temtations. become part of the single speed club again. i know a bunch of sweet frames to look into. why get a c-cross? i've thought about it again. but with everything else i have it would only come out during the season. but the single speed is able to be ridden all year long. nice. sweet, sweet single speed.


ya know, it's this kinda talk that makes me wanna spend more money and get a sweet c-cross bike and/or a singlespeed.
you guys are bad for my budget!

divine gear

i told monkey that we need to do a c-cross race there. should we start bothering him about it?
what about state road park? there are some "trails" in the back, and running up that big hill would be a nice run up and back down.
let's do it.


We need to ride at Ed Monkeys place. I found another place to race, so we have three locations to ride.

divine gear

yes he did. unfortunality we probally ruined it for him.
John: don't let us piss you off.
Mr. Big Ring: what about "blow it out your ass" this year? I'm in.


Wow, it sure seems like John opened a real can of worms by proclaiming “Life is good.”


Sorry for the mix up.

John Satory

All that I was trying to say thru my simplistic statement is that I am completely blessed with everything that I have in my life. Nothing more. Nothing less.


I disagree.
What's "good" to one person, can be "bad" to another.
What's considered "life" to someone can be considered a "prison" to someone else.
There are always options.
And thank you for your pity!

divine gear

we are able to play semantics, but to what end? and i'm able to play with the best of them.
life is good. there is no opinion. there is no game of semantics. if there is, i pity you.


I suppose that that could also depend on your definition of life and your definition of good.
But, I like to look at it this way....
It could ALWAYS be worse!


Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.



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