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November 16, 2005


John Satory

Thanks for your comment qwadzilla. I hear ya regarding stability, family, and insurance. All three stack hard against the whole self employment decision. You have to do what you have to do. One of these days I'll post about how this RogueMechanic thing materialized. Thanks again for your kind words and for the updates.


updated my blog with your info
in the posts
too lazy to update the links

glad to see you are out there making it work

wish I had the guts to follow some dreams

right now I need stability to pay a mortgage and raise two kids and two dogs

with my recent injuries
it is a pleasure to have a solid health insurance package

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  • A.R. said...
    " Dear John, I got out tonight for a quick ride... The Trek ran like a top, like butter on a hot skillet, smooth like a baby's bottom, like a shot of Johnnie Walker Blue, . . well you know what I'm trying to say, like a brand spanking new 5.9 Madone! Thank you again for another job well done! Your grateful customer and greatest billboard, A.R"
  • PR said...
    "My search for a highly qualified, honest and reliable bike mechanic is over. Not only is John (RogueMechanic) a superb mechanic, he is also very knowledeable about equiptment... I have never been disappointed."
  • Dr. M said...
    "John is a top flight mechanic. His knowledge, expertise and superb customer service surpasses everyone else... His personal integrity and high standards are reflected in his work on my bikes..."