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December 09, 2005


John Satory

I just built up a Specialized Tricross for a client. Nice frameset with good specs. There's something to be said about buying a mainstream bike...It's not all bad. Thanks for writing!


I just bought a new Specialized
had my hesitations
as I am not above the attraction to the esoteric
the bike seemed sweet and the price was right
so I went mainstream

I dislocated my shoulder on the innagural off road ride
nothing to do with the equipment
just me being stupid

it seems like a sweet ride
even if it is just sitting in my basement right now

I am stoked to have it for future cross races
rain or shine
snow or ice
sure I may complain
but that is my nature

John Satory

Thanks for your comment Divine. I think that they are purposefully "thinning the dealerbase herd" so to speak while moving towards a new level of bicycle retailing (i.e. Apple, The Gap, etc.). This is all fine and good in my opinion, but they need to realize that there's going to be a substancial amount of bad blood out there at the dealer level. And we all know that this industry in particular doesn't do well in the face of changes. We'll see if they can weather the storm of change.
Specialized is already opening their own stores.... I think they to can pull it off because of the strength in their brand.

divine gear

is trek not maintaining their dealer base, because they are opening their own stores? is this the next step for the dealer? if this is the case why broaden a dealer base, and just stick to putting up their own stores? then are we to expect to see a specialized store soon? they do have good stuff.

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Client Testimonials...

  • A.R. said...
    " Dear John, I got out tonight for a quick ride... The Trek ran like a top, like butter on a hot skillet, smooth like a baby's bottom, like a shot of Johnnie Walker Blue, . . well you know what I'm trying to say, like a brand spanking new 5.9 Madone! Thank you again for another job well done! Your grateful customer and greatest billboard, A.R"
  • PR said...
    "My search for a highly qualified, honest and reliable bike mechanic is over. Not only is John (RogueMechanic) a superb mechanic, he is also very knowledeable about equiptment... I have never been disappointed."
  • Dr. M said...
    "John is a top flight mechanic. His knowledge, expertise and superb customer service surpasses everyone else... His personal integrity and high standards are reflected in his work on my bikes..."