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February 13, 2006



It's no mystery how this happened. I have managed a couple bike shops in the past and it ususally comes down to money. Let's just say the owner will not pay more than minimum wage for any newly hired employee, doesn't give them benefits and of course lays them off at the drop of a hat.
That leaves you with a 15 year old bmx kid as a mechanic usually. And of course since money is tight and staff is low you spend all your time on the sales floor and not much time to help him learn. You only had good intentions of him only changing flat tires until he got up to speed. But then summer hits and it's freakin busy and well you can figure out the rest.
This is just one of the reasons I don't work in the bike industry anymore. I do miss it though.


Hello Fritz,
Thanks for your comment. What you did is an understandable mistake for someone who doesn't work on bikes for a living. What did you end up doing with the chain?


I did this just a few weeks ago on my own bike. I had bought the SRAM chain specifically to get the Power Link. I was doing some work and, without thinking, just grabbed the chain tool and went after it. I was halfway through cranking through the pin when I realized my mistake. *DOH!*

divine gear

i'm just a soul who's intentions are good. oh lord, please don't let me be mis-understood.

rogue-i agree. mechanics need to pay attention. look. understand what they are doing, before they do it. like i said before, just as one would treat a good woman. or a good scotch.


Thanks for the comments...

Divine and Uber- Good mechanics should have good habits. That's what you're paying them for.

MrBiging- Did you get that quote from a shops website?!?! :P

Dan- I think that it's a mixture of both. It would be even worse if they intended on charging for a new chain because if they would have checked, they would have seen that it had a very small amount of wear. It seems like "una$$ing" -as I like to call it- other peoples mistakes is what I do alot of...


I'd say, pure lack of attention, or just not caring. Maybe they were going to charge for new chain. I can't stand having to follow behind someone, put all they've screwed up right, then have to charge my customer's for OP's mistakes. I usually cut a little slack, but if I cut to much, I'm losing money. It's a shame how some people run their business.


How We Do It:

Patiently Performed. Whether you are buying a bearing, a bag, or a bike, we will give you as much advice as you need to properly select equipment that enhances your cycling experience.

I would hate to see what the work would be like without being "Patiently Performed".


Sure we are creatures of habit, but there's really no excuse for that unless you're not paying attention to what you're doing, or you don't know what you're doing. Either way, it's unacceptable. Luckily that chain wasn't on a Trek OCLV (as opposed to a Fisher or LeMond OCLV) because it could have exploded from such a mistake.

divine gear

we are creatures of habit? when we see a chain, we just grab the chain tool and go for it. sure a good mech. would inspect the object before going nuts on it. just like a good woman.

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