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September 22, 2007


Bicycle cleaners

I had been browsing on yahoo for blogs about fitness and biking when this post showed up in the results. Although not actually what I was seeking for it was really worth the read and for that I could allow it four stars.

kennedy tool boxes.

This was one of the best videos I have ever seen on the topic. You just helped me do wonders on my bike.



why not grease it
i lightly greased mine before watching your vid
i have had this unusual problem that when you are going fast with ought pedaling it would make this loud screeching sound and the whole frame will vibrate but the moment you start pedaling it goes away
so i took it apart cleaned it and lubed it with some red devil grease and put it back together

David Quigley

You sir are a legend.

I followed your instructions and saved myself a bunch of cash, plus I feel like a proper bike mechanic now !

Thank you.


Hi Rogue,

Firstly-thanks for all ur comments- very valuable nowdays.
Please, be so kind and explain me again what is the silver part for. The one with pin holes in it. What do you mean when you say it is for adjusting side play..?
I tried to adjust it more or less but i dont see any diference.
Thanks again


Thank you for that video about mavic free hub


Send us your Mavic hub or wheel and we will make you a custom sized, oil impregnated bushing to take up the slop in your freehub body bushing....
The service will run 89.99 incl parts and labor...
This bushing runs cooler
It also weeps its own oil to lubricate the interface ( less maint )
We size each bushing to your hub so the fit is even tighter than a new freehub from Mavic.
why replace your freehub with a new one from Mavic that doesn't solve the problem..
Or in some cases customers are looking at a new hub or even a new wheel considering Mavic won't sell you just a hub...
This fix is a fraction of common factory replacements and lengthens the life of your wheel..
Contact jrdirt@gmail.com

Jordan Kaldobsky

Great Video,
Just serviced the rear hub on my fleabay purchased Crossmax SL rear wheel and used your video as a reference. Thanks so much for taking the fear out of doing this simple task. Fortunately nothing was in need of replacement and I cleaned the hub parts, used a pick to pull the seals off the cartridge bearings and regreased them and put it back together with great results. Now all I need you to do is make a video of the same exercise on a Industry 9 rear wheel! L.O.L. Keep up the good work. Thanks again.


i recently started having problems with my ksyrium equipe wheels , when i stopped pedalling , the freewheel wanted to carry on spinning and the chain would whip against the frame, I took the freewheel off , and then the first washer, then i noticed the washer underneath was worn and when i took this off, it was in pieces and the bearings underneath were really worn with only about 2 complete ones left , and there were shards of metal in with the bearings which i assume to be what was stopping the freewheel spinning , i was wondring if it was possible to replace these bearings and washers,also , how to get the seal off which is holding the remaining bearings in place.


Great stuff,
Your video clip was just what I needed. I can now swap my Compolongo/Sh*tmano freehub bodies without worrying about if I'm doing the right thing. Thanks for your help. As with anything, it's easy when you know how - knowledge is power!
Chris in Bristol UK.



Just watched the Mavic Freehub body diagnosis and replacement clip. Brilliant will be doing mine later today. Thanks


I picked up a Mavic OpenPro wheelset with Mavic 601 hubs and Shimano freehub body. I was perplexed on how to take it apart for servicing until your video. Thanks so much for the great howto. That said a couple things with my setup are different including that to take the hub body off I had to use two 5mm Allen wrenches instead of a 5mm and 10mm. The second and most important thing is that my hub body doesn't have the nylon part but has a sealed bearing. Thirdly there isn't a rubber gasket like what you pry out (where would I buy one?). But my biggest problem is that I want to swap out the Shimano for a Campy hub body but am confused as to which to get? The ones that are said to be Campy look like Mavic.
Anyway thanks for your help!

Roy Cackett

John: Do you know where I can download a service manual for a Mavic Crossmax SL wheelset, frnt and rear. I need to change all my bearings before an 8-day race. I've trawled the Internet extensively, and haven't found anything. Help please...


Thanks a lot! Very helpful posting. I just fixed my free hub body thanks to you!
World class!


Yeah, great info on some great wheels. I just received a replacement free hub body for my '05 Crossmax, and it is longer than the original, I guess because it is 9 or 10 speed compatible. It came with a spacer ring (about 1.5mm wide) that is necessary to make a 9-speed cassette fit properly, but I'm concerned that the longer free hub body will change the wheel alignment. Do I have to a) get the wheel re-dished b) find an '05 free hub body c) do nothing or d) other?




I decided to go ahead and use your video to take apart, clean and lube my crossmax freehub body. Rode today and the problem I've been having for months is solved! Thanks so much for the blog, the videos and the help! I'll definitely be back for more.



Dan: I have a Giant Trance 1 mountain bike with Mavic Crossmax wheelset. Lately when I'm coasting at high speed downhill, I get a loud humming noise and what feels like a lot of drag coming from the rear of the bike. It goes away with any forward pedalling and for some reason, I can't reproduce it on the road! Recently had the bike serviced and they said they couldn't find anything wrong with the freehub body, but I'm not sure that they took it down or lubed it. Still doing the same thing when I ride. Any thoughts? Thanks!



Hi Dan. I too love your free hub video!!Im now ready for my 3rd free hub replacement but I have noticed that the hub body seems worn. I was wondering if you or someone knew what the diameter of the hub body closest to the lip seal should be? It may not be worth purchasing another freehub if the hub body is worn. Thanks Andrew


Thanks for the kind words Dan. I'm glad that they helped. Well.... $100 is kinda steep. The going rate is normally around $60.00. Let me know if you have a hard time finding one. Thanks again! -John


Thanks for the hub overhaul videos. They were very helpful. My nylon bushing is definitely toast. The bike shop told me this part cost $100. Does that sound right? Is there a more direct way of purchasing this part?


Hello Richard,
If you reassembled the hub properly using the same or identical parts, the wheel should be centered. My guess is that it was reassembled incorrectly. The silver part that you mentioned is for adjusting side-play... Which direction is it off center?
Thanks for writing! -John


Hey im a mountain biker and iv got a mavic SLR disc wheel set.
I took the axle out of my rear wheel but before i put the 10mm into the no-drive side i removed a silver part on the same side which had pin holes in it. i used a mavic tool to do remove that. Now i put it all back together and my wheel isn't centered in my bike frame. i was just wondering if i may have done something wrong when i took the silver cap off the non drive part of the axle.
how would i fix this problem
if you could get back to me that would be good


Hello Nismo,
Thanks for the kind words and for writing!
It sounds like a simple adjustment of the front hub. All that you need is one of the tools that Mavic ships with the wheels to make the adjustment... It's the one with the tire lever on the opposite end. A slight turn in of the adjustable "cup" is all that is needed. Hope that this helps! Thanks! -John


Thanks for posting the video on the Mavic Freehub Body .. very helpful since I both a used SL on ebay with Campagnolo Freehub and I have to change it to a Shimano. Now my question is about the front SL. The front wheel on my SL has a little movement if I move the axle up and down. How do I fix that ?


Hi Rogue

I am a mountain biker, I found your topic in Mavic freehub body part 1 and part 2 is very helpful. I am using Mavic CrossMax XL, I also found there is a nylon brushing inside the freehub body in my rear hub. I know the nylon brushing can't last long. I just want to know can I change the nylon into back to sealed cartridge bearing as old hub? If yes, is it difficult to remove the nylon brushing? Thanks


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