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September 19, 2007



Gregg, you probably need an additional spacer behind the cassette. Once you put that spacer in there you may need to re-adjust the shifting slightly by using the barrel adjuster.


I just swapped out my Campy freehub on Mavic Ksyrium SLs for Shimano (part M40592) using your great instructions - worked great.

BUT... my SRAM 1070 - 10sp, 12-26 - cassette has about .5mm of slop on the body. Seems the freehub is too deep for the cassette and the lockring doesn't ever touch the cassette to tighten it down.

Is there a spacer solution? Could my M40592 be bad or the newer "deep spline" Dura-Ace style?

Any advice would be appreciated. The cassette fits on three other wheels with no problems.


Thanks for sharing your expertice and wisdom - the information was very useful in remedying my Mavic Hub problem as a home mechanic.



Wondering if you ever found out more about the BETD link for Stump Jumpers and the increased travel that they offer? I mentioned this a while back and I remember you considering doing some investigative work on it. Just curious if you found out anything?

Also just noticed that one of the nipples on my Mavic Crossmax SL rims has created a number of fractures where the two meet. As far as I can tell, the rim is close to destroyed. Any recommendations or would you know if Mavic would warranty this? The rim is still tru and looks good, but the spoke was probably most likely over tightened from the beginning.

Keep up the good work, I know it gets hard and may not seem worth it at times, but I am a big fan. Keep it up.




Great and informative video. I was just building up a new bike and pulling apart my wheel, wanted advice on what to lube with, since I knew from previously that regular oil/grease doesn't work well with the ceramic bushing (causes excessive drag and suction). Keep up the good work.


Great video and I just did my first freehub service on my K-ES with your help.

Quick questions,
1) How much rocking of the cassette over the freehub is too much? Mine has around 4000km and was noted to have a tiny movement detectable by feel. Is replacement necessary yet? What's the practical effect of this movement?

2) Baby oil is mineral oil. Does that mean baby oils are suitable for the job?

Thanks and look forward to seeing more of your instruction video.


Hello David,
I hope that this message finds you well. That's a good question. Mavic has different part numbers for the mtb and road freehub body....Since I haven't tried to do what you are planning to do, I can't say for certain that it would work. That being said, I'm not saying that it can't be done. Thanks for writing and good luck with your project! -John



I would like to know if Mavic road and MTB freewheel bodies are exactly the same.

What I want to do is mounting a Campagnolo 10s transmission on my MTB, and I would need to swap the current freewheel body for a Mavic replacement for Campagnolo intended for road use.

Would it fit on my Crossmax SL?

Thank you.


Hello Doug!
I'm glad that you found the site! Thanks for writing! -John


Just found your site--awesome! I do all my own mechanics and have recently purchased several sets o mavics--sold a couple quickly and now use a set of sls on my force equiped madone. Ultimately want to do work on wheelss,too. From your two videos I'm not an expert (that comes with doing it) have a better feel for how to do repair. thanks again.


this is why i stay away from mavic, except their rims. king rules...

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