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July 10, 2008



Thankfully I do not have to deal with these issues since I ride surlys and salsas, not cervelos and felts (I don't even know if these require P-parts, but you get my drift).

It seems to me that this is a tradeoff that the consumers of these high end machines are demanding. They are willing to tradeoff performance (strength and weight) for the headaches of p-parts. This trend will further complicate the mechanic's job, refining their trade and justifying higher rates. So in the end, it is in the mechanic's best interest for the manufactures to complicates the industry with p-parts.

Of course this does not go for our Rouge Mechanic who has the riders' interests at heart!


I've lately been toying with the idea of building-up a 29" single-speed mountain bike; I'm researching frame manufacturers, and there are currently 4 or 5 on my short list.

I recently removed the top contender from the list due to its use of a proprietary eccentric bottom bracket.

If I buy a frame that uses standard parts, and the manufacturer goes out of business, I still have a ridable frame.

If I buy a frame that uses proprietary parts, and the manufacturer goes out of business, I have an expensive piece of wall art.

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