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September 16, 2008



Hey Paul!
Yep we did touch upon this subject a while back.
To be straight, I don't have any problem with high-end pro quality stuff. The good stuff is actually a joy to work with. What people have difficulty understanding is that some of this pro equipment really doesn't last any longer than stuff lower down the line. But for the most part, it works a lot better. Here's how it is... there's a higher cost of ownership associated with owning and using pro-level stuff. Much like it costs more to own a Ferrari than it does owning a VW, Both get the job done, but one's a lot nicer!!!
I'm getting thirsty!
-Thanks for checking in. -John


i think we had a conversation similar to this a couple of years ago. so i'll try and keep it short...

these companies make things for the pros who use them for a year or so, and move on to other parts; or if something breaks/malfunctions gets another one at no worry to them.

now we, the consumer/normal guy, for whatever reason want what the pros have (i'm not a pro so i don't care; but anyway...), and when something goes wrong what do we do? are we able to shell out more obnoxious money to get it 'fixed'/a new one? i don't see rock shox at my door offering me a new sid because of the pitting on the arms (yeah, i've still got that fork). the answer is nope.



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