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July 16, 2009


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Don't use the 7900 series go with the older 7800, there are compatibility issues as Shimano has made changes to the way the 7900 works when compared to 7800 and earlier.

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Great post as usual. I like your writing style. Thank you.


I should make use of the internet more often. was having this knocking feel on my crank for the last several hundred miles. I have been looking for the knocking feel, replaced my cogs, tighten my pedals, removed and uninstall the rear der. and the whole crank. no luck, till I saw this video. checked my quick link, right at the exact place as the video, thats where I feel the knock. Its not as bad as in the video though. thanks!


Thanks you so much for the info. Tried so hard to isolate the problem, have been dealing with a clicking sound issue that seemed in sync with my chain...now I know why!


I have found this link to be crap,as an exercise, measure your chain with a chain gauge Chances are if your chain has more than a thousand Kms it will be ok each side of the link but will fail across the link.(This is using a parktool CC-3)


I have not had problems with 7900 Quick Link but early days. It would have been nice to see some of the other links engage on the cog/cassette to show the difference.

Not good to hear nothing official form Shimano.


Awesome video. I have been googling "7900 chain recall" and found zilch. Last Summer Shimano sent our shop a bunch of connecting pins and told us to swap them for the quick links in all the new chain boxes.

It's too bad a company that innovates and leads the industry in so many ways has to act so shady.

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