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March 01, 2010



Fabulous video--thanks! I wish I had seen it before putting thousands of miles on my Ksyriums. I just dropped my freehub & wheel off the my LBS for an overhaul, but after seeing this video, I'm wondering if it is salvageable. I didn't know these required servicing every 1500 miles(?). That's three times a year for me!

Does anyone know why mineral oil rather than grease is used? Wouldn't grease last longer? Does grease interfere with the function of pawls?

David Kim

Thank you so much for this great video! It helped me so much. By the way, if I can't get hold of mineral oil ... can I use TriFlow Superior Lube? Hope that's okay ... ?


This was a very good and informative vidoe as was your older ones I saw on Youtube. Thanks for having them out there...

I have a pair of '09 Ksyrium SL's (with the red hubs)and I need to do this service. I don't have any Pedro's or mineral oil handy, but I do have DuMonde Tech road chain lube (the lime green blend), which is great stuff for my chains. I've also used it on my Cane Creek freehub and it worked great there.

Is it ok to use on the Ksyriums? Also, can I quiet the ratcheting sound at all by lubing the pawls and mating surface with the DuMonde oil?

Thank you again and keep up the good work.


Great blog, very informative. I just got a set of Mavic Ksyrium ssc sl and intended to run a Campy 9 speed cassette. After install I am able to rotate the cogs about 1mm as if the lockring is not quite tightening enough. No play as in your video, just on the rotation. Both the hub and the cassette are in great shape. Am I missing a spacer that goes on the freehub first? Thanks


Excellent video. I'm about to do this with an FSA freehub body and was a little scared of it. This helped a lot.

Just discovered your blog. Love it, so thanks!

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