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May 17, 2010



Thanks for your comments Ken. Bringing this to light sure hit a nerve or two...I'm just glad that I can help those who are experiencing this issue. I would just like Campagnolo to step up and make it right....that would be nice. -John


Just chanced across your webpage & read all your post until I reached this one. I traced the original post in RBR.
Never knew a comment on a component's design from your POV would trigger such a response. You must have kicked the moderators in the nuts somehow; they must have a major share in Campy & afraid these comments will deteriorate their sales to the 2 big Ss.

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I wouldn't get hung up about it and suggest moving on. In my experience moderators of forums are often people without a very meaningful/successful life and/or career outside of the forum they moderate and hence they get off on the "power" that they think the forum gives them.

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I wouldn't get hung up about it and suggest moving on. In my experience moderators of forums are often people without a very meaningful/successful life and/or career outside of the forum they moderate and hence they get off on the "power" that they think the forum gives them. .


That's crap. Speak your educated opinion without any personal attacks and you get banned?


This comment may be a bit after the fact, but after reading about the UT issues on your site, I stocked up on Record and Chorus square taper BB's and grab square taper cranks as spares when I see them up on CL and the bay. I will never use the UT system. Not only did I find the cranks ugly and chunky looking (IMO, campy has always been more "pretty" than other mfg.) but the flaws you've outlined have killed them for me. Thanks for the tips with Ksyriums, too.

Jeff Petersley

"Pretty strong accusation Dirt Dog (or whatever your name is). Tell me how I'm a fraud. Just the facts please."

Seems you dont understand "onus of proof" either.
You dont come out with a flawed diagnosis, and when called on it, demand they provide the proof. According to you, bikes develop this problem. In other words, "something" has happened to cause the clicking noise. It is NOT caused by the sideways movement under compression which is normal. Unfortunately, you have got it into your head that this is responsible and therefore a design fault which it isn't. It just shows you can't grasp basic engineering practices.
Work out what the "something" is and you will have the answer to your so called issue. Before you dispute this, please explain why this "design fault affects so few bikes and why it doesn't exist when the crankset is newly and PROPERLY installed.
At the moment all you are offering your customers is snake oil.

Anton Marquet

Good on em. Anything that helps stem them the flow of profit driven misinformation like this will help protect those people with with little or no mechanical knowledge who might think this bush mechanic actually has a clue. Anybody who is experiencing BB issues should take their bike to a mechanic knowledgable about the Campagnolo system before you waste your money on this BS.

Mark Sabo

Hi John;
Add Campy's UT design to a long list of flawed bike products. Add to it one of Campy's real dogs, a MTB rim called "Atheno". This dangerous POS had concave sidewalls, Campy "Engineers" thought this would increase brake surface. Now, I'm speaking from experience on this one, it came with a Giant Cadex carbon/alu lugged bike. Guess what, these rims were almost unstoppable. Going downhill was terrifying. They made them over several years starting with '92. The reason they were bad is easy to see if you took a minute to really think about it. Flat sided rims contact the flat brake shoes without too much trouble, even warped works with increasing pressure. Concave? Too little actual contact surface. I never rode them wet, and replaced them quickly. Moral of story, no more Campy for me, ever.

Fight the good fight, but sometimes it just ain't worth it.


Hi John,
+1 on not getting hung up on it, it's very hard to not defend yourself when people are attacking you but these guys have hung themselves by pathetic name calling and worshiping Campy. Judging from the sometimes shonky advice handed out on the forum you're best off out of it. Come on, calling you ham fisted when installing something as simple as an UT crank is pushing the boundaries of believability...
Anyway, just my 2 cents; I just felt I had to share my disappointment at such pathetic behaviour.

Andrew Priest


Disclosure: Ex moderator of various fora.

Well done on the ban :) I wouldn't get hung up about it and suggest moving on. In my experience moderators of forums are often people without a very meaningful/successful life and/or career outside of the forum they moderate and hence they get off on the "power" that they think the forum gives them.

Interesting they cannot or will not put their names to their posts either. Bit like the dudes in a bogan cars that hurl abuse as they drive past ....

Sad really.

Enjoy your blog and tweets. Keep up the good work.



Paul: I hear you on this... I guess that I'm a glutton for punishment for even going back into that forum based on past experiences. I'm just not one to back down especially when I'm getting dragged through the mud so to speak. Thanks for writing! -John


Lightbikes_com: There you go again... I feel like am beating a dead horse... BTW, it's Rogue, not Rouge. Anyway, once again, I didn't say anything to sell cranksets. At this point, let's agree to disagree. I appreciate your time to comment on this but quite frankly, my time is better spent helping other folks. -John


The RBR forum regulars are a pretty emo group. Pretty much impossible to hold a meaningful debate with them if you don't see it their way.


Said cranks work properly. Rouge says Campy is to blame so he can sell cranks sets.

Rouge claims Campy made a bad products so he can sell shims.

I don't use UT at the movement. When I did, zero issues on a Blue RC6 frame.


lightbikes Explain how he is exploiting Campy? Is campy buying shims for every crank? if the said Campy product worked properly there would be no need for shims. I think Campy is the exploiter. Many of Campy cranks need the shims so there is justification for the shims. I understand many like you have buyers remorse that they spent 2 x the money for a crank set that has to be shimmed and the only machined shims with tolerances that are necessary for the crank to perform are from Rogue?. Get over yourself order you a set of shims. Or go buy a new crankset. Freaking Roadies.


lightbikes_com: I'm glad that I can make you laugh. You just can't stop yourself... I'm starting to feel sorry for you. I'll tell you what, if you can find me those EXACT shims for pennies each, PLEASE let me know where I can get them. Then I can sell the shim kits for much less. Let me know when you find a source.


$35 for shims! You are kidding me, right? Those are a few pennies each!

Now I KNOW your a fraud and Exploiting Campy for you benefit and profits!!! LMAO


Looks like you have a second ban today, LMAO!


Lightbikes_com: Pretty strong accusation Dirt Dog (or whatever your name is). Tell me how I'm a fraud. Just the facts please.


Dude, your a fraud and you are exploiting the Campy UT cranks for your benefit.


Light-bikes(Dirt Dog): There you go again... You don't even know me and you feel the need to continue to disparage me. Nice. I guess that I'm going to have to live with the fact that you think that you think that I'm a ham fisted mechanic... Thanks again for writing. -John


light_bikes: I guess that you calling me an a$$clown is not as bad as me asking C-40 if he wants to have further discussions about the UT design. Again...my bad.
I never said that I had a beef with C-40. I do have a problem with the disinformation he's spreading regarding UT which I think is directly related to his lack on knowlege/experience with it. If you dig back in the threads, C-40 was the one slinging the insults and attacking my credibility. Not cool and not right. Additionally, if you go back to the beginning of this whole discussion, not at one point did I ever say that "this sucks or that sucks" nor did I even use foul language. I also NEVER stated that my posts or blogs is the gospel on the UT issue... It's an opinion and a solution for those who are experiencing the issues that are out there because of the design.
In closing, you're welcome for the free pub... If you think calling me an a$$clown as well as an a$$hole is good pub for you and your site, so be it.
Thanks for taking the time to write. -John


What reputation? You can't install UT cranks so you try to sell shims to people?

You blame UT and then a ham fisted mech like you tries to sell shims and gain pub off Campagnolo.


Oh, thanks for the free pub!


You called out a member in good standing on RBR.com and got banned.

You have a beef with him and your post were nothing but SPAM and Trolling on RBR.com

Your posts and blogs on UT are NOT the Gospel on this issue.

You called him and and got banned. You NEVER made one contributing post there. So good bye!

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