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November 16, 2005



Ewwwww...Aluminum and Steel. Take a look here:


Notice on the table how aluminum is just below zinc, the usual sacrificial metal.

John Satory

Thanks for your comment Fritz.
This is true. From what info I found, aluminum does form a barrier oxide film when the surface is abraded and then exposed to air. The natural film can be visualized as the result of a dynamic equilibrium between opposing forces-those tending to form compact barrier layer and those tending to break it down. If the destructive forces are absent, as in dry air, the natural film will consist only of the barrier layer and will form rapidly. If the destructive forces are too strong, as in wet conditions with or without the presence of salt, the oxide will be hydrated faster than it is formed, and little barrier will remain.
All of this being said, most bikes especially in my neck of the woods are exposed to some pretty nasty conditions...some more than others. Most of the aluminum corrosion that I see is minor and isn't really a cause for concern, but others are... Thanks again for your comment.


"All metals exhibit a tendency to be oxidized..." -- true, but with Aluminum the oxidized layer forms a protective barrier that prevents oxygen and water from penetrating deeper into the metal. There are actually two layers forms -- a thin outside, permeable layer and an inner layer that's a little thicker and impermeable.


freakin colnago's!

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