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October 01, 2008


Pete P

This issue is the poster-child for the sorry state of contemporary component design, bred out of the international corporate cycling cult: Congregacion Religioso el Adorar Propietario (better known as CRAP). Even Tullio's followers have fallen prey to this muddle-headed devotion to proprietary covetousness in the name of short term profit. Not to worry, the next incarnation will be out soon, and UT will be one more acronym in the long list of cycling blunders.
In the meantime, will someone please source some thin washers?

Matt T

Thanks for confirming my assumptions, I have struggled and lost a lot of time and money working with UT. We are a Trek dealer and have come to the conclusion that these sets are entirely incompatible with the new Madones. "Here you are Sir, your new 10,000 dollar full ceramic bearing, Record equipped 6.9. Oh and by the way that 1/8th inch of play in the bb is just the way these are!"

Jim B

Chorus 34:50 UT bearing failure. It is now 2.5 months after the left crank arm bearing failed completely during a climb. Half of the bearings disappeared. QBP has had the part for 'repair or replacement' it seems that 2.5 months is way too long. Suggestions are appreciated. I wonder how many other UT cranks are failing in this mode. I ride ~30-40 miles per week in the Berkeley hills. The cranks were about 1.5 years old.


I saw your post on roadbikereview. Pretty much all internet forums are kind of like that. People can be jerks and hide behind their computer monitors. It's hard to hold a intelligent conversation with anyone on them. I had a friend make a good comment once; something along the lines of "if someone talked to me like that in person, they'd be walkin away with a bloody nose."

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