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October 05, 2009



Hello Martin, I hope that all is well on your end. I haven't had the opportunity to test this shim application with Powertorque design just yet though I plan to as soon as I get a chance because I've heard of folks with Power Torque having similar issues as those with UT... I'll post any further info on a fix for PT here and/or on Twitter. Thanks for writing! -John


john, do you have a solution for powerotque on same basis?


Hello Tristan,
I hope that this message finds you well. I hear what you're saying about the spring clip, but I would argue that it's there more to prevent the drive-side crank arm from coming out if the fixing bolt happens to back out ( not saying that having the left crank arm making an exit is any better... ). That spring clip flexes quite a bit when the NDS with the wave washer is compressed.... But you are not incorrect in saying that it does limit the amount of axial play. Ultimately, I choose to still install it because it wasn't hurting anything. Thanks for your comment! -John


John, with your kit of shims there is no need to fit the driveside retaining spring (step 0.9) since this clip just reduces the amount of axial play found with the wavy washer fitted.

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