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December 18, 2009



I broke a new sram powerlink on the Mohican 100 miler last year and I was going to say that the Wipperman is better than that, b/c its german, but I just read the guy who who broke his wipperman. I'll have to check out the superlink. I guess the rule of thumb is to always bring a spare. I saw that you raced the Mohican 100 and that is how I saw this site, looks good and I am definitely book marking it.


I'm not a bike expert, but even I could figure out how to work with the SRAM Powerlink on my mountain bike. I absolutely love it!


Oops, "extenuating"


Hi John,
On many bikes over the last 7+ years I've been using the SuperLink III from Forster (the Model 4) and have had no problems with them. Have you tried one? I'd be curious to hear your opinion. http://www.forstertool.com/chainlink.htm They have not updated that link to show Model 4. I've used SRAM Powerlinks and Powerlock, and Wippermans Connex Link. The Connex Link was only one of which I broke, but I consider towing my kids in a Chariot that totalled close to 85lbs. up a 12% grade on a single speed "extenutating circumstances".


gwadzilla: I hear ya about having too much POWER... I guess that it's a cross that we both have to bear.


Hello Nathan: Sorry for the confusion. I corrected my poor grammar! Hope that this helps. Thanks for writing! -John

Nathan Griffin

"I just cold to this product... As long as there are other options out there."

I don't understand the phrase "I just cold". Can you explain?


I still go "old school" remove links... pop the pin... then connect the chain

as a CLYDESDALE I found that the POWERLINKS did not hold up to my size and POWER


Hello Douglas and Chuck,
Thanks to both of you for your kind words and for your comments. Doug, I agree that sometimes there's more than one way to do things the right way... Chuck, I'm learning that I have to have thick skin, especially when it comes to the forums. I'm passionate about what I do and I tend to take attacks personally... I need to work on that! Thanks again guys for checking in. -John

Chuck Sween

First, absosmurfly love the site. Sometimes, it felt like I was the only one thinking critically about issues like this, and now I find an ally with whom I can commiserate and from whom I can learn. Just spent the last two hours reading everything you've posted. So, here's my .02...don't be so hard on yourself. If I've learned anything in 14 years of wrenching, it's that the person on the other side of the computer is always smarter. Tell it like it is, and keep it up!

Douglas F Shearer

Park Master Chain Tool is about half the cost of the Campagnolo equivalent. Works perfectly every time (though obviously with the proper Campag rivets). They now do an 11s compatible version too.

KMC used to make a Campag compatible missing-link, but have for some reason stopped manufacture of them. I keep one at the bottom of my tool-bag for just-in-case moments.

Big fan of SRAM Powerlinks, they work flawlessly, and even seem to work after re-fitting on the odd occasions you don't have a new replacement around. Work will with DA/XTR chains too IME.

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