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November 15, 2010


Arnim Polster

Hello Rogue,
I have an older set of Kysrium SL wheels, probably from 2006 or 2007. The freehub body is worn out and needs to be replaced - there is play in several of the cassette cogs. Can i use a newer freehub body (and do you stock those)? The new ones look quite different from the one on my wheel. If not, i.e. I need an older freehub body, do you have one I could order (Shimano-compatible) ?


Hello Jason, If you just broke a spoke, it's very simple to replace. If the spoke or nipple is frozen in the rim, it's can be a little more difficult but can definitely be done. Maybe they just don't have or want to get the replacement spoke? I believe that I have them available on my on-line site... I hope that this info helps. Thanks for writing! -John

Jason Robinson

I've just blown a spoke from a Mavic Ksyrium Anniversary wheel. I've been to 3 shops in Germany and Switzerland and no one will have anything to do with it. Is that because it can't be done (as they say) or is it more likely they don't want to do it? If it's possible I'll keep asking, but if this is a dead end it would helpful to know. Cheers, Jason


Hello Nicholas, Unfortunately, I am not able to get that rim. If it's for a wheel that's newer than 2006, your local Mavic dealer should be able to order it for you. Thanks for writing! -John


Hi, can you get Ksyrium SL SSC rear rims?

טויוטה לנד קרוזר

Nice parts shared by you. I feel fairly strong about this and would like to read more. Stay up the good work!


Hello Gary,
I checked in my vast inventory of Mavic parts and I do not have that part and I doubt that Mavic would have it because they do not stock parts for products older than 2005. Did you check ebay? Might be worth a shot. Thanks for writing! -John

Gary Gerard

Howdy - I have a pair of 2003 Mavic Kysrium Elite wheels. I need a new or used Axle for the front hub. Do you sell this part? How much with shipping to 93619.


I need some spokes for my Kryrium SL wheels . do you stock rear-right spoke ? where are store in south east asia?


is there a trick to removing the mavic freehub seal, and does it have to replaced with a new one when removing a single drive side spoke?


Yes, I have most of them in stock. They're $5.00 each. Click on the yellow box in the right column to go to the online store. Thanks for writing! -John

R T Foster

I need some spokes for my Kryrium SL wheels . do you stock them and how much are they?


Hello Randy,
The conversion is easy...all you have to do is replace the Shimano freehub body with a Campy FHB. Here's a link where you can get it from... http://roguemechanic.bigcartel.com/product/mavic-campagnolo-10-freehub-body
Thanks for writing! -John

randy root

Hi -

I need to convert my Ksyrium SSC (~2006) freehub from Shimano to Campy. Can you help?


Stu Harmer

Hi Rogue,

i read all the posts with interest. I have a set of Ksyrium SL 2008-9 model with SRAM Red. I have the " Death Squeal" problem so many people speak of, 3 different bike shops claimed to have fixed the squeal, but nooooo. Anyhow after reading your blog i grabbed my cassette and it had some serious play! So i pulled the lot down and and swapped over a free hub body from a set of other Ksyriums (which had no fly play in the cassette at all, and guess what? Still heaps of free play!!! So, how about this for a theory, what if the aluminium of the actual hub that the teflon free hub spins on wears down?? It has to have, otherwise why does a "in spec" free hub body all of a sudden have play when fitted to my problem Ksyriums? Really appreciate your thoughts on this. Cheers.


I need a ksyrium sl front hub end cap end cap only

If you have one tell me how much . I can paypal + shipping

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